Safe Shopping Tips

As, we use many security applications and add new ones every day to the applications we use. Below you can find important tips that we have prepared in addition to protect and help you with your shopping. Please continue your shopping after reading.

    • Never send money to people you don't know.
    • Do not carry out money transfers requested to be made through the Turkish identity number and mobile phone numbers.
    • Do not make a down payment and similar payment for any reason without seeing the vehicle, housing you will buy or rent.
    • If you make a prepayment after seeing the Housing-Intermediary and the commodity you will receive, make sure that you have a bank receipt or a signed document showing the payment you have made.
    • If you cannot receive the goods / products as a result of making any prepayment or deposit payment, has no legal responsibility.

Contact the person / companies you will trade with one-on-one and take care to shop after the contract. Do not make transactions without invoices. In case of legal problems you may experience in the future, the invoice will be required as a vital document.