About Us

"We have been serving the natural stone sector since 2007, we love the stone and moreover, we live it."

Stoneportal, Turkey's first natural stone shopping advertisement website for the world, was presented to the service of the sector by Stoneportal Trade Limited Company. Our country's natural stone sector is a digital platform that is rapidly developing and growing its member mass, Stoneportal.net which is a very important step in terms of opening advertisements for each item product and bringing the manufacturer and the end user together.

Stoneportal.net, which addresses the sector with 8 main categories including natural stone producers, subcontracted marble factories, imported granite warehouses, mines, mining machines, marble machines, application masters and artificial stone varieties, continues to work to reveal the best on this path that it has set out with the slogan of qualified producer / conscious consumer in order to shape the natural stone trade in the most systematic way and adapt to the changing world in the digital sense. On the other hand, with its solution partners in the sector, it supplies the products it adds to its portfolio to A Plus real estate projects with the most reasonable price policy and sometimes applies them through Stoneportal.

By revealing more than 10 years of experience and embodying it with an added value consciousness, Stoneportal.net who has a working discipline based on its own principles by always keeping the environment-human relationship in the forefront, is hearing from serving you.